Carnegie’s Ladies 3s draw with Borders

Carnegie played Reivers at home on a slightly windy, overcast Saturday. After a difficult start to the season and a defeat last week, the team were determined to improve. Unfortunately, Reivers scored a goal within the first 5 minutes however Carnegie kept their heads up though and fought back.

Fiona McPhie made some excellent tackles in the D and fired the ball back up the pitch to the other half each time. Possession was  split throughout the game. After half time Carnegie came back on stronger and more determined than ever. There was some great play up the left wing from Fern Moore and Lucy Brady, but they couldn’t quite find the back of the net. Mixing it up and using some great teamwork between, Niamh Gibbons, Annabelle Di Salvo and Lauren Girdwood in the oppositions D, they scored a goal, bringing the score to a 1-1 tie, with 15 minutes to go. Spirits were high, Carnegie kept up the great communication and defence for the rest of the game and were unfortunate not to score again.


Final score was a 1-1 draw.

Most valued players were Fern Moore and Lauren Girdwood.