Ladies 2s start their 23-24 league season…

On Saturday 16th September Dunfermline Carnegie Ladies 2’s(sponsored by Production Bureau) played EHC 3’s at Woodmill High school. It was the first match of the season with lots of new players joining the squad.

The first quarter started with lots of pressure from EHC3’s who quickly put our defence under pressure and secured their first goal with a flat ball deflected in off the back post.
Carnegie then sustained an injury forcing a player to step off the pitch.
EHC3’s made another quick advance towards goal and secured their second goal through a short corner.

In the second quarter Carnegie defended well and had some opportunities pushing forward. Lots of good passing in triangles meant the second quarter finished with no further goals.

The third quarter started with EHC3’s trying to push forward but Carnegie managed to gain possession and stop their attack at goal. EHC3’S then found themselves in the D putting pressure on Carnegie’s keeper who made lots of amazing saves. Unfortunately it wasnt Carnegie’s day and the ball deflected off a defender into their goal.
The third quarter finished 3-0 to EHC3’s.

The last quarter again started with EHC3’s applying lots of pressure. Carnegie 2’s dug deep and managed to push EHC3’S back and there were lots of good passes down the right towards goal . Unfortunately EHC3’s defence managed to gain possession and Carnegie 2’s were forced back to defending. EHC3’s then made a break for goal and manged to again cross a ball straight to the back post to be deflected in.

It was a good game but the experience of the EHC3’s players meant they secured a 4-0 victory.