Ladies 2s take on Peebles

Dunfermline 2s (Production Bureau) v Peebles

A first quarter of very equal play, with good defensive play from both teams. After a fight for a goal Carnegie were awarded a penalty flick which was saved by the Peebles keeper.

A couple of short corners against Dunfermline saw a goal for Peebles in the second quarter. Although Dunfermline fought hard to keep the play outside the defensive zone.

Although it was tough to break the zoning of Peebles there were a good couple of breaks in the third quarter and after a long corner Carnegie kept fighting and Jodie scored a goal. To equalise the play.

After a fight, Peebles had a few short corners but were managed to be kept out. Unfortunately in the last few seconds a short corner was awarded to Peebles and as the whistle blew the Peebles striker had a cracking strike and scored the winning goal for Peebles. A frustrating final score after an overall well worked game.
MVP goes to both Jen Callaghan and Fern Moore for their solid contribution in defence.
Final score: 2-1 to Peebles