Ladies 3s take on Watsonians

Dunfermline Carnegie 3rd XI vs Watsonian’s Colts 2nd XI


The match started with strong pressure from Watsonian’s who gained much of the possession and effective play between midfields and strikers resulted in many penalty corners. These were defended well and Watsonians were denied a goal each time. Dunfermline fought back and some cracking passes from sweeper Fi McPhie saw Dunfermline attack the opposition’s half.

The 2nd quarter saw a break-out from defence to Elise McKenzie who attacked the opposition’s D, however she was denied a goal. Watsonian’s sustained attack in Dunfermline’s half earned a few more penalty corners. These were effectively dealt with by the defence bringing the first half to a close with a score of 0-0.

The 3rd quarter started with a stronger Dunfermline; more confident in their passing and tackling. Unfortunately, this positive play did not lead to any penalty corners throughout the match. The loss of possession saw more pressurised attacks in Dunfermline’s half and a few strikes at goal which were just wide, however another attack saw Watsonians bring the quarter to an end one goal up.

Dunfermline started the 4th quarter with renewed determination, strong passing and hard-fought possession. This gave hope to the team however this play could not be converted to a goal and the match ended 0-1 to Watsonians.

MVP was awarded jointly between Emma Mathie and Niamh Gibbons