Carnegie Colts v Inverleith Dev – Sat 12th Nov 2016

Carnegie Colts v Inverleith Dev

It was the Colts turn this week to play the 16:30 slot at Woodmill High against a mid-table Inverleith Development squad made up of old heads and some talented youths, not unlike ourselves. Inverleith turned up to the game with no umpire and only 11 players.  Instead of insisting they play with 10 and supply an umpire, Ethan McQuade who was supporting the 1st XI in the previous game, was fooli..willing to take on the responsibility and stepped up to blow the whistle in his first full competitive league game.

Of the starting XI, two usual suspects were missing this week; Stuart Millar was again replaced by Brian Docherty and Gordon Johnston by Dave Lees.

It didn’t take long for the Colts to take control of the game. Inverleith allowed the Colts midfield and defence to push high, effectively trapping them in their own half for long periods.  This sustained pressure paid of very quickly as a quick transition of the ball from the left of the pitch to the right allowed space in the top right corner for Alan Jones to collect an excellent pass down the line from Drew Mitchell behind the Inverleith defence, run the baseline and pick out Sean Byron unmarked standing on the penalty spot who swept the ball home. Colts 1-0

It was Sean again that scored the next goal, this time from an unstoppable undercut past the keeper’s ear from the top of the ‘D’ after some great passing moves down the left hand side of the pitch. Colts 2-0

Goal three of the game came from a set piece towards the left of the Inverleith circle. A quick ball back to the pivot in the middle opened up the attack to the right and a through ball found Alan Jones in the ‘D’.  A quick turn and shot was enough to put the ball past the out stretched toe of the Inverleith keeper. Colts 3-0

Paul Ralph was next on the scoresheet as he pounced on a loose ball from the keepers pads as he failed to clear a penalty corner drag flick that was travelling at speed straight down the barrel. The post man could be heard squealing all the way from the other end of the pitch as the ball sat up nicely for a two handed baseball swing that sent the ball high into the roof of the net. Colts 4-0

And that was how the first half ended. A quick team talk and a change in formation to allow slightly more width to the attacks was made.  Dave Lees moved up into centre midfield to help with the lateral distribution and added a third attacker to the mix.  It only took two minutes into the second half for Alan Jones to break into the ‘D’ from the right and cheekily poke the ball past the onrushing keeper which only just managed to cross the line, probably one of the slowest goals he will score this year! Colts 5-0

The change to formation allowed more width down both sides of the pitch for the midfield to move into to support the forward line. The sixth goal started from a 16 yard hit that was moved left to Ross Inglis who side stepped the first attacker and slid a reverse stick pass to Dave Lees in the middle who helped the ball on its way to Lewis Cameron on the right of midfield.  The ball was then dumped into the top right corner for Alan Jones to collect and drive the baseline.  The cut back found Ewan Forster between two defenders on the penalty spot and through a forest of sticks managed to find space past the keepers left kicker to record his first ever league goal. Colts 6-0

Not to be out done, Connel Scott recorded his first goal of the campaign with a good strike that crept just inside the side of the boards with 20 minutes of the game remaining. Colts 7-0

The Colts continued to mount the pressure on the Inverleith defence and a great piece of build-up play down the left side of the pitch saw Sean Byron get to the baseline and make a deft 90 degree pass back to Dave Lees at the top left of the ‘D’. The temptation to shoot was high, but instead of shooting, Dave kept his composure and as the Inverleith defence scrambled to stop the shot, slipped the ball to Ewan Forster who was all alone at the top of the ‘D’ to drag flick the ball with pace across the keeper into the sideboards. Colts 8-0

The final goal of the game was to be a classic Alan Jones solo run from just inside the Inverleith half. At no point in the run did anyone on the pitch believe the ball was under any kind of control but none the less, the Inverleith defence allowed Alan to make his way into the shooting area.  Knowing Alan already had two goals and there was no hope of a pass, the other two forwards set themselves for any rebounds.  This proved to be unnecessary though as the shot sailed cleanly past the keeper into the net behind him to give Alan his first hat trick of the season. Colts 9-0

Although Inverleith had some youths with good skills and ability, the passing, channelling, marking and overall team play of the Colts was far too strong to allow Inverleith any shots on target in the entire game. Many thanks to Ethan McQuade for blowing the whistle, both teams agreed that he performed very well and it was even mentioned that he could probably give Spud a run for his money….

Next weeks game is against an unpredictable Livingston & West Lothian team that have had some interesting results of late. They held Falkirk to a 1-1 draw so should be a good game.

Final score – Carnegie Colts 9, Inverleith Development 0