Midlands Youth Festival 29th July @ St Andrews by Keith Forster

Apart from almost persistent rain last Sunday, a last minute call-off from our U10 pool, a no-show from one of our U14 squad, our much smaller band of players than usual, mainly due to the holidays, managed to put together some really good performances.

At U10 level, with the unfortunate call-off, we only had a total of seven players for the 4-a-side event but Kinross H.C., who had plenty of players on duty, offered to lend us a different player each time our short-handed team needed to play.

Our two teams were :-

CARNEGIE EAGLES – Zara Webb, Hannah Lowe, Daisy Smith and Aidan Johnson

CARNEGIE HAWKS – Adelaide Almond, Ellie Ralph, Sophie Ralph and two boys we borrowed from Kinross who took turns to help us (Grant and Fraser)

Carnegie Eagles opened against Kinross ‘C’ WINNING 6 – 0 with goals from Zara (5) and Aidan.

Game 2 was the only defeat of the day when we lost 4 – 1 to a good Grove team, our goal coming from Zara.

Game 3 was against Kinross ‘A’ and good team effort resulted in a 7 – 1 victory with goals from Zara (5) and Aidan (2).

Game 4 against Kinross ‘B’ kept the momentum going with another 7 – 1 victory with Zara (5) and Hannah (2) on target.

Game 5 was a re-match against Grove who had previously inflicted our only defeat in game 1 and the intention of our team to get revenge was evident. It provided a really good end-to-end game to watch but time ran out with the scores tied at 5 – 5, goals from Zara (4) and Daisy.  A big improvement from earlier.

Whilst Eagles were having their fun our younger Carnegie Hawks team were making a decent fist of their mission to lay waste to their opposition.

Game 1 against Madras ‘B’ of the host club was a close encounter with our unfamiliar team learning quite quickly how to work as a unit but not quite quickly enough to avoid a 3 – 2 defeat with our goals coming from Adelaide and Ellie.

Game 2 against Kinross ‘B’ was more open with our team showing the greater determination and flair throughout resulting in a 3 – 0 win with goals from Sophie, Adelaide and Grant.

Game 3 was a fine scrap where our team stuck to their intricate passing style against the long ball merchants of Harris and despite going down 4 – 0 very quickly we fought back to finish 4 – 2 with Ellie and Fraser scoring.

Game 4 was a repeat encounter against Madras ‘B’ and as a result of non-stop running a good revenge result of a 1 – 0 win was earned when Ellie was on hand to slip the ball home just before the final whistle.

Game 5 against Kinross ‘A’ was slightly strange as it was the team our guest, Fraser, would have been playing for and he was obviously determined to show his home team players how good he was and ended up scoring a hat-trick for us which added to a goal by Adelaide gave us a very comfortable 4 – 0 win.

It was a determined display by Carnegie Hawks with their ‘rush-them’ style of defence which put the wind up all their opponents making us near unplayable at times thanks to their focus and determination.

With Carnegie Eagles winning THREE, drawing one and losing one andCarnegie Hawks winning THREE and losing two there are definitely signs of better things to come.


In the U12 seven-a-side event Zara Webb and Hannah Lowe stayed behind after their U10 games to team up with Alexander Thomson, William Poole, Joshua Love, Sophie Love, Ross Campbell and Murren Willo to face a further 5 x 15 minute games.

The opening game was against Madras and our team quickly settled to the task in hand with some good teamwork allowing us to run out 4 – 3 winners with goals from Joshua (2), Alexander and William.

Game two against Grove Dragons, who were the only team to field a goalkeeper, was a closely fought affair with a number of chances being missed or well saved at both ends but the fact that we had seven outfield players eventually gave us an advantage and we were able to manage a 3 – 0 win by the final whistle with goals from Joshua (2) and Alexander.

Game three pitted us against Kinross ‘A’ who were no match for our slick passing team and we managed SIX goals without reply, Alexander (3), William (2) and Joshua were our marksmen.

Game 4 was against Kinross ‘B’ who were not happy having watched us put six goals passed their ‘A’ team so it was not too surprising when we walked off with a 10 – 1 victory with goals from William (4), Alexander (3) and Joshua (3)

Game 5 was against Grove who were also enjoying a good deal of success and each time we scored they managed an equaliser up to four goals each but our efforts did not slacken as much as theirs allowing us to add three more before the final whistle.  Scorers: Joshua (3), William (2) and Alexander (2).

Five games and FIVE wins was a great effort, well done to all.


Getting volunteers to play at U14 for us was a disaster from day one and we would have had to withdraw had it not been for Zara Webb and Hannah Lowe volunteering to play a THIRD set of games and Alexander Thomson, William Poole, Joshua Love and Sophie Love agreeing to a SECOND set.

The original schedule was for two twenty minute games against Grove and Kinross as only three clubs had entered teams but a combined touring Italian and Spanish team of 14/15 year olds attending a university hockey coaching course asked if they could play.

Because we were originally scheduled for games two and three on the day we were asked to play the opener against them.  Considering we had an U12 team, already rather leg weary, the difference in height, speed and skill was immediately obvious but when they realised we only had seven players they offered us their reserve goalkeeper.  Unfortunately, before he got ready and on to the pitch we had conceded three goals but once we had someone who could stop most of the many shots our confidence improved and the game became a bit more even but never-the-less we were well beaten by 9 goals to 3. Goals from Joshua (2), William.

I am somewhat pleased to report however that the other two teams found the last minute international selection too strong for them also.

Game two against Kinross, with our team still reeling from the speed of the previous game, was much more even with everyone getting more involved in the play. Again, having a goalkeeper behind us meant many attacks that eluded our defenders did not all result in goals and our scoring at the other end kept us in the game for almost the full twenty minutes.  Unfortunately, a goal by Kinross with five seconds to go meant a 6 – 5 defeat.  Our scorers were Alexander (2), Joshua (2) and William.

Game three against Grove was again a tough one with their players being two or three years older than ours but to their great credit our players tried their hardest throughout with great attacks down our right flank by Joshua and William but eventually we were made to concede to their physical superiorityby 5 goals to 1, Joshua claiming a well worked goal for us.

A more than satisfactory day for our U10’s who are improving every time we turn out and a great day at U12 who more than held their own once again and it was pleasing to note that it was by NO MEANS a bad day at U14 where we were the youngest team there with everyone already showing signs of tiring before they crossed swords with the more physical teams but they all left everything they had out there on the pitch for the sake of our team.